Ordering Guide

Size & Measurements

        8" x 11" x 1.25"     
      9.5" x 14.5" x 2"      
      11" x 17" x 2.5"       
3-4 boxes 2-4 boxes 1-2 boxes
5-7 boxes 4-6 boxes 3-4 boxes
6-9 boxes 6-8 boxes 5-6 boxes


  • These measurements include 2" overlap of paper when box is wrapped & excess for side enclosures are 1/2 the depth measurement.
  • Depending how the box is laid, see the chart for an estimate of how many boxes each size can wrap.

Paper Type

  • Thin - (light weight) This paper is most useful with all white, or solid color boxes.  It is semi-transparent, allowing color & designs on the box to be seen.  It is very easy to use & fold.
  • Thick - (heavy weight) This is a stronger paper that is best for colorful designs on boxes, as it is not semi-translucent.  Folding can be done intentionally.